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Connects with all your routine apps while running day and night. Setup, get connected and start automating your daily routine tasks all in one click. Invest once and get lifetime access to experience automation in minutes. Need support in implementation? Talk to an expert and get it done.
One-click Automation

Automate In Minutes

InkBot Automation Bots connect all your favorite tools, so you can do more with what you have. It runs in the backend completing auto-tasks which gives you more time back to do what you do best! Devoid of manual intervention, InkBot works behind-the-scenes to transform your brand narrative.

Got Questions? We've got you covered

Here's a list of frequently asked questions from our customers on how InkBot Automation Bots work. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our support and they will respond shortly.
1. What makes InkBot unique than traditional AI tools?
InkBot streamlines complex processes, allowing for hands-off operation and enhancing efficiency. Integrating with your commonly used apps, the bot goes further in auto-completing tasks for you.
2. How can I get started with InkBot AI Automation Bots?
Upon purchase, you’ll receive access to the bots and a guide for easy setup and integration into your workflow.
3. What kind of support can I expect with InkBot AI Automation Bots?
Comprehensive support is provided to troubleshoot any issues quickly and keep your bots running smoothly. Feel free to write our support team and we will respond shortly.
4. What additional costs do I need to incur?
InkBot bots integrate with which is available for Free upto 1000 operations. You can scale up on Make as you expand or grow your automation
5. Is it a one-time purchase?
Yes, the bots have a one-time purchase fee only. They do not have a monthly subscription.
6. Can I ask for a refund?
Every purchase is covered with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Our support team can assist you in the implementation as well. Contact

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