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Streamline your go-to-market entry with Automated Product Listing Bot. From bulk uploads to AI-driven product descriptions, automate your e-commerce product listings. Automated Product Listing Bot collects inputs from Google spreadsheets and publishes products to your online shop, increasing efficiency and market responsiveness.

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InkBot’s Product Listing Bot automates the process of listing products on your e-commerce platform. This bot efficiently uploads product details from spreadsheets to your online store, streamlining inventory management and saving valuable time.

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InkBot’s Product Listing Bot automates e-commerce processes, extracting product details from Google Sheets and seamlessly publishing them on Squarespace. It ensures that each listing, from titles to prices, is consistently presented in your store’s unique voice, enhancing the shopping experience. Ideal for businesses looking to streamline their online storefront, this bot offers a practical, efficient solution to maintain an updated and engaging product catalog.


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